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Sunday, February 21, 2010

m o n e y baby :)

hye people :)

As other people posting their blogs about their super-interesting activities they had during the holidays, me on the other hand got nothing to share at all. With "my heart will go on" as the background song, it suddenly sets me into sad, a very emotional mood. very very emotional, i tell you. Sometime i feel like a loser, staring at my laptop alone, as everyone arounds me is accompanied by human. Real human. ( unlike me who is now with my imaginary boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. Aww, thank you, handsome! )

Just finished reading the books which i bought 2 weeks ago ( Lipstick Jungle and One Fifth Avenue both by Candace Bushnell who is also the author for Sex and The City book ) The best part is that both book mentioned about women who have power and money. Having those, made these women can boss around la kan, including their husband.

So ladies, do you want to have power and money and boss around?

I do.

To whoever love watching channel E, dont you ever imagined to have Oprah Winfrey's private jet, Cameron Diaz's houses, Sandra Bullock's Dresses (eheemm), Carolina's hot hot body ( ada duit boleh sedut lemak kan ? ) Pamela Anderson's boobs and of course Angelina Jolie's husband ? (Fyi, artis Malaysia are not in the list because they are not as rich as those Hollywood stars. And setakat kahwin with datuk tua, em, tak dapat kot.)

Anyways, when you have money, you have power even one day nanti Obama pun nak shake hand dengan kita kan ? But how can i get such money. Even if i work for let say 20 years pun, it wont reach to 12 milions. SHIT kan.
Bila tgk Channel E (bukan Astro Ria, cerita artis malaysia), model yang muka nak pecah busuk sikit pun dapat dalam puluh2 million.

Nedy nak duit jugak !! :DD