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Thursday, April 1, 2010

OU- clash with the titans :)

shahrul azrin aka monyet

habes class 2.30pm selesai hanta coding, check sume balek ruma pack my things text monyet ready to off to OU to catch muvie and settle some thingy there. The GM takde, so we leave it to pm jek. wuhuu. then kami bertiga tengok Clash with the Titans. Actualy im not so-so in ok mood since read the blog but im trying hard to be okay and put everything aside since im wanna be a strong girl :) ehem. layankan feenas and monyet, habes movie, hanta feenas balek puchong then monyet sent me over to shah alam. balek balek, cuci muka on lappey and read it again. thousands million things on my head. ergh. hm. yes, i am stranger here. but i need to know. if that what i thought is true, i'll go. foreva. dun let me be like this. saket. hm. enuf is enuf what i've been through. please answer my question. thanks.