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Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup fever :)

heylo!! been a age tak update. wohoo! ok, its world cup fever baby !! suke suke! heee. me and all my cousiee was like, naseb baek tgah cuti !! haha. oh, first match which is south africa' vs mexico (1-1) me and all my cousiee found a mamak place then we leypak there and enjoying watching the match. at first hujan, but then it stopped! weeee! next, my favii team, argentina vs nigeria (1-0) wehuuu! oh messi sangat comel tadi even asek kena lenyek jek kau kan? heee. argentina pun in my favii team jugak, termasuk in my listing ;) oh, my listing? argentina, germany, japan, england, portugal and brazil :D weheee!!

weh, nak tido sat. mengantuk makan stupid tablet. erk! ok bye dunia. see ya pukul 2.30am nanti :)