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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

let's smile :)

let's smile together with me jom :)) ngeee
why? saje suka2 lah, takkan nak sedey jek duh like this :| ?
i wanna be like this :))
hahaha tah hape aku bebel neyh haa, hahahah
oh,i do love my life
i have such an great parents,best beshtee,wonderful friends :D
mom's said, start this new chapter with pure and soft heart being, lol
hahaha, insya'allah maa :D

erghh..hoyy! i missed my mom like hell duh!!
missed her sambal udang's and her bebel-ing
missed to accmpany my dad pergi tgok bola kat mamak bwh mlm2
missed my stupid lil sis with her fuckin idiot faces when im asked for help
missed you guys :((

end of this month along balek eyh? :)