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Friday, February 26, 2010

people :)

Im just manage my phone calls which mean, hanya number-number yang di-listkan only may be able to call me. Others, sorry :) Bole text but not to cakap-cakap, sorry.
Why? entah. Malas. Duh, im not in good mood i guess, and im trying to get my mood balek by following iman and the geng's by go to sunway lagoon or world of tambun tomorrow :)) yeay! :D

mom : i missed your bebel-ing
dad : missed your bebel-ing and say my hair is messy.
bff : sis, take care, jangan semput2 lagi, missed you nenek :(
adek : tiba2 aku macam rindu nak sepak2 kau :D

they are my VVIP and my backbone :)