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Sunday, July 4, 2010

mengeluh kuat-kuat

yes, aku tawu dah bekurun tak update. why? malas + tade masa. busy sane-sini. yes, kuwa sane-sini jugak and meet lot-kind-of-people, phew~. and yes, banyak benda fuck terjadi. drag me into it, thanks la. And, i lepas. -.- Dunno nak start from where, but the only i can say right now is,

damn mann. why dow? shit! why? i dun get the answer. yeah. Btw, last thursday. Me, intan and era and also haziq which who era's boyfee we all pergi 'beriadah' at MOS. Actly, tak plan sangat. But then, i felt that, oh i need some refreshment in my kepala otak and i need to lepaskan !! and yes, there we are. Nak pergi lagi bole? since i have to get tru all this fuckingshit things in my life, oh even you guys dun even notice dat im having the F situation, im just react-ing like normal, like there's nothing tapi haa, macam-macam tersusun dalam kepala ni haaa. OK shoot me, anyone? -.-