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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new friend :D

meet fitri.
he with his lil brother Raja Hami Aiman.

btw, i love this pic sbb aiman look so comel even kena cekik dengan abg dye yg gilaaa.
weh, adek kau je kendu. Kau tak ponn -.-"

nice to know you fitri :)

hey hey

yeah. been longgg time tak update blog kan? sangat lamaa and yes there are SOO MANY things happened in my life, phew. good things, bad things and macam macam lah. The only i can say is, i do love my life and i'm happy with it. Life is full of suprises which we dont even know it and it might be hurts you then but believe me, it may makes us be more matured and know what the meaning of L I F E :) and yes, i do enjoying every moment on my life :) Thanks to you (whoever) that makes my life been sooo beautifuuul :)

Yeah, FIFA. As we knew it that spain won the game :) VIVA ESPANAAA!! heee. Last night im watching it with fitri and his friend adli. At first we got the pass for the street party at bangsar but then kami dtg lambat, so even ada pass pun we cant entered in, sigh! End up fit called his friend and we watched it at subang car park near the subang parade and i sat infront of the screen yaw! adoy. dongak kepala mak nok, haha. me, fit, adli and some of his friend enjoyed watched the game and when spain menang haaa kau macam nak gilaaa semua kat situ. haha. Then, after that all of us was like super starved and we went to mamak sec18 eat some food. Adli with his mee goreng mamak while me and fit megi goreng. Fit said "macam semacam jek megi goreng ni,eiii" but then after sesuap dua "eh laen jek rasa bila dah masuk mulut kan u?" hahaha bodo memangla gilaa dah kau lapar. haha. then they sent me over to 19 my home. Oh ok for the very first time fit temankan saya naek atas :)) suke! but sumpah segannnnnn. hihi. ok saya ni penakut, -.-" then sampai ruma pack my things turun bawah waiting for aidil coz da cakap mau tumpang dye. Bertekak sekejap with bulu sebab belanda kalah hahaha. then tak tahan terus teedo, while bulu is driving like org gila ( i knew even i slept masa tu -.- )

oh yea, agak dan sangat bengang marah terasa and all with sultan melaka dat day. why? macam nak mati contact tak dapat, ym tak rep and all. berpeluh text and ym i gave him, hmm.